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Hello dear followers! I am hosting a HUGE Black Friday Blowout Sale with mugs, bleach pen shirts, and original marker sketches over at my Etsy Shop! I haven't posted the Copic Marker Sketches, yet, but they will be there tomorrow!
My Shop: The Happy Hovel

Use coupon code FRIDAY40 to receive %40 off your purchase of anything in my shop from now until midnight on Cyber Monday! Please feel free to stop by!

Examples of my shirts, since I haven't posted them on DA, yet.
BlueFairy by AucoinArt GirlsGrayMermaid2 by AucoinArt DarkBlueMerm by AucoinArt GreenButterflyCage by AucoinArt

GreenMermaid1 by AucoinArt LightBlueDragon2 by AucoinArt GreeDragon by AucoinArt PinkRapunzel3 by AucoinArt
Hey everyone! I'm really excited to inform all of you that I am participating in a Kickstarter with some fantastic artists. The Kickstarter will go live on August 5th! Please go take a look at our Facebook page and give us a like! It is going to be so awesome!

Stick It!
This upcoming Sunday is Mother's Day, so I decided to do a little promo through my Etsy Shop this week and offer free shipping on all domestic orders until Monday! Use the coupon code "Mugs4Mom" at checkout, and don't worry. You can use the coupon even if it's not for mom. ;)

Find my Etsy shop here: The Happy Hovel
I am taking a poll and I need your help! I recently came across a website in which I can print my artwork on T-shirts for a reasonable price (without obnoxious voting), and it got me thinking. Would any of you want to buy such a thing? 

Currently they only come in white and women's sizes, but I am researching how to do the same thing in different colors and in men's and children's sizes. 

This would also be a made-to-order thing, so you would order it, I would print it, ship it to myself to check for flaws, and then ship it to you. I have several designs on hand and a few in the works, so please help a girl out by answering this question!

Would you buy a shirt with my artwork on it?

- Yes! Sign me up!
- I think it's awesome! But I wouldn't buy one for myself.
- Not really, but I'm sure someone else would.
- Nope.
Hello! You all are so sweet and I love you so much! Thank you all for your love and support :heart:
As a heads up, I post much more often on my Tumblr than I do on DA as I haven't much space to paint at the moment, but I do get time to sketch every now and then. Please feel free to follow me there if you'd like!

Stay classy my friends :hug:
This is my new DA account. I'll gradually be transferring some of my work from my old DA account onto this one the next few weeks, so if you have seen the work before, that's why. Hopefully I can upload some of my newer work, too. I needed a change and a fresh start. :)